The Beginning of My Relationship With Spirit Animals.

My Introduction to Spirit Animals

The Beginning of My Relationship With Spirit Animals.

What is a Spirit Animal? That’s a great question and one that I didn’t know or entertain either until I started seeing animals in my mind’s eye standing with the people around me. I had stepped away from my practice after a separation and was working full time with two kids at home. 

I was aware of spirit animals, I had journeyed in the past and knew my own totems, but I had not immersed myself in anything with everything going on in my own life. I had definitely not seen them in everyday life until someone at work questioned me about what I used to do and just like that an animal appeared. Spirit has a funny way of bringing you back to where you’re meant to be.

I was a little taken aback, what the heck was this? Eyes open I’m seeing animals with the people around me. I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. 

I started to take note of the animals I saw with the people I knew and soon realized I was seeing their Totems. When I looked up their meanings it matched the person’s personality, their strengths and weaknesses and potential. I was so out of practice that this really took me by surprise. I had abandoned all things spiritual to get “realistic” and take care of my family, but it was welcome because without spirit I felt empty. 

I would see animals with people that I had never seen before, I’d google the description and scroll through the pictures of animals to find them, looking through their habits to find their essence. At the time I was not in tune with listening to my guides but they were warming me up. 

Lol, one afternoon I had taken my daughter to tea time out in the country at a little farm restaurant, we were sitting there enjoying our lunch when I looked up and was stunned to see a room full of animals. At every table there was an animal beside each person in the restaurant; a panther, a giraffe, my daughter looked at me and asked what was wrong as I looked wide eyed around the room and replied, “it’s a zoo in here.”

Spirit Animal, What Message Do You Have?

I became very comfortable with the fact that I could see Totems when suddenly things shifted, keeping me on my toes. I noticed when speaking to people about life, theirs or mine, an animal would appear in my mind’s eye, but It wasn’t a totem, I knew that. It began to happen more and more so I began to explore what it meant, Googling what does it mean when you see “this animal.”

It was the answer or direction for the topic that we were discussing! I felt like an explorer lol discovering something great on my own. Not that others don’t know this about Spirit Animals obviously, it has a long history in many different cultures, but it was new to me. I must have bought every book on Spirit Animals to understand what was going on.

We, my Spirit Team, were onto something else I began to realize, this was my teaching and I had been moved onto the next subject. As I began to learn more about Spirit Animals I would spend my lunch hour in my car writing down the animals I saw that day, to later look up what they meant. I curated that list into a brief description and as my intuition grew it became more of a symbol for what that animal meant to me or the first thought I had when seeing it. 

To date my list has 276 animals on it, with a brief description that makes sense to me, to guide me in the correct direction. I realized I could do readings this way, someone would ask me a question and a series of animals would show up, guiding the conversation. It was wild! Pun intended lol.

I ran with that for some time, giving free readings as a hobby while I learned my own language with Spirit. 

An example of this is: 

A  woman who was asking questions regarding her family circumstances, her and her husband weren’t sure of the direction they should take regarding their house and finances when a dove appeared in my mind. I told her I feel there is a message coming for you. We continued not knowing what it meant and then she contacted me the day after the next.  

Her husband had been offered a position in his company with a job that was tailored to his skills specifically, paying more and working mostly from home. This changed everything for them. 

The readings I gave evolved over time as I did different things and opened myself up more in trust, but Spirit Animals really brought me home. They have offered me such guidance and wisdom with their medicine over the years and will always be a part of my being. This is why I shared my own experience with you, so that you can see the value in their guidance.

Why Should You Pay Attention or Care About Spirit Animals?

I find Spirit Animals to have a gentle wisdom but it is honest and direct at the same time.  Spirit Animals are messengers along your path, when things are uncertain and you’re questioning things, Spirit Animal can show up and give you the insight you needed. 

Now not every animal is a message, but when you are surprised by an animal, or  it’s unusual to see, that it is a message. 

Your personal Spirit Guides work with animals to deliver messages of hope and direction to you. We all pay attention to different facets of Spirit but if animals are a passion of yours, like they have been for me my entire life, then they may be the Spirit you want to work with. 

All Spirit works together, Spirit Animals, Spirit Guides, Angels, Your Higher Self, everyone collaborates on the best way to deliver a message to you in the state that you are currently in. 

How Do You Open Up to Spirit Animal Guides? 

It’s quite simple really, ask for guidance from Spirit Animals, and then go about your day. When that unusual sighting happens, pay attention to the very first thought you had when seeing them. Write it down. If that doesn’t happen that’s ok, look up “what does it mean to see this animal?” The part that you are supposed to pay attention to will jump out at you. 

Your trust in your own instincts will develop over time. Write them down and create your own language of what these animals mean to you, you’re also giving Spirit a language to use with you. 

I had left work one day and as I turned a corner a row of very large black birds with red heads were perched along the fence. I had never seen such birds before and I’ve lived here 38 years. I googled large Alberta birds when I got home and was shocked to find vultures. When I looked up what it meant I wasn’t surprised to see it fit my current situation.

In contrast to that, last week I saw bees under my front step, but I felt nothing, they were just bees going about their day. 

I will write another post about Totem Animals because there is so much to be learnt about them as well, but Spirit Animals have such greta wisdom to offer, and by working with them you are allowing life around you to speak with you. Have fun and open yourself up to the wisdom that surrounds you. 

If you are interested in learning what Spirit Animal has a message for you I can help! Click HERE to book a reading! 

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