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Please send me a message when purchasing a reading to make sure that I am using your desired email and addressing your requested concern.

If you want to message me to ask if I can do a specific reading for something not listed please do, you can find out if we are compatible. 

If I am not your person I can direct you to a reader who can help you.

Psychic Email Reading

A Psychic Email Reading allows you Freedom, Time, Review, Ease, and the ability to watch it Unfold.

Why Me:

I’m pretty good at reading your energy, the energy you may not be aware of. How you may be feeling, thinking, how you’re expressing yourself, the beliefs and fears holding you back. Best of all the advice your Spirit has for you, and the Spirit Guides wanting to help you. 

I am offering more in-depth Readings for Energy Management


This is where we will go through the energy centres and deep dive into understanding, you will be learning how you operate and show up in life. 


This is about stepping out of the loop in life and empowering your decisions! Leaving the feeling of overwhelm behind and taking in the knowledge your emotions hold. Showing up for you in ways you may not have before. 


How you view yourself is how the world views you, and therefore what you attract. 


Our energy centres affect every area of our life so if you want to get beneath the surface questions, and get to the bottom of it, let’s look at what drives you.


Learn some of your Spirit Guides on your team, and how to communicate with them. 


I will provide you with what I pick up on through my own Guides, and I will also provide you with exercises to reflect on and be part of your own process. We will all work together to get you on track. After that you will have a personal manual for your system with all of the information we compile. A reference guide to evolve with, a place to reflect and bring you back to center.


Each Chakra is a Reading and we can work up through your energy centres one at a time. 


Simply purchase your reading and state that you want to start your Energy Review and I will start the first reading at the Root of all your life’s decisions. When we are done working with that energy centre I will let you know it’s time to purchase the next and we will proceed from there and so on. This allows you to digest each reading reveal, do the exercises, and it breaks down the payments.

or you can purchase a 

General Reading:

Please indicate the topic of concern for you right now, one question per reading

You Must be able to open a PDF. HERE are some common reasons why a PDF won’t open, if you are still having trouble let me know.

I do not predict, give legal or medical advice. Please read my article here Maintaining Your Power. Your Free Will makes the decisions.


Topics that may interest you:

  • Feeling stuck, no matter what you do, needing perspective
  • A Relationship you don’t understand, how are you showing up
  • Trying to Manifest, what do you need to pay attention to 
  • A Situation you are confused by, the energy behind it
  • Self awareness, what are your Gifts and Obstacles
  • What is your Totem (your personality traits), and Spirit Animal Guide (that has a current message for you)
  • Your Spirit Guides, the energy around you, and how they interact with you 

My readings revolve around you because this is who you have control over. 

Knowing why you feel stuck , lost or subject to irrational fear presents the ability for you to move forward. 

Some things I tend to look at:

  • the Root of the energy we are exploring
  • any Past Life influence that needs to be faced 
  • how you are Approaching this subject
  • how you are Expressing it to the world
  • Beliefs, thoughts and feelings that may be behind it 
  • the Resistance you may not be aware of
  • the personality of your Totem Animal will help you understand your nature as well
  • what Spirit Guides are stepping forward to assist you with their medicine
  • I ask a lot of different questions that I am inspired to, I want to deep dive into helping you understand what you may be resisting and how to move forward.
  • Referral Program: I am offering a Free pdf Manifestation report that my guides and I wrote. When someone purchases a reading & mentions your name, and I verify your purchased reading, I will send you a Free copy as a Thank you!

I look forward to being Your Psychic Source and our Journey together!

By purchasing this reading you acknowledge having read the Disclaimer section of this site. A Glossary is also available for terms used. 


No Refunds

Readings may take 1 – 3 days to receive.

When purchasing a reading please send me an email through the Contact Me section with your request, and the email you wish to use. 

PayPal only lets you add a message I believe if using it as a guest. 

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