Past Lives and Why They Matter 

Past Lives and Why They Matter 

I stumbled into past lives when practicing Reiki, I had just earned my Lightarian Reiki Masters and started practicing at a shop in town. When I had taken Lightarian Reiki the teacher had said I hope you are ready for this! And I looked at another student like “what does that mean?” 

Well…I didn’t know what I was getting into but I ended up thankful. Lol

I noticed that my inner sight grew stronger and clearer, and as I started off on my own Reiki practice, it really kicked into overdrive. 

Let The Ride Begin!

I was working with a client when all of a sudden a little movie started playing in my head, like a movie clip. Then when I moved to a different area of her body another clip, as I moved around the client all these clips came together to tell a story. 

I looked at her and told her what I saw, she was in white, in a white bright room showing children how to garden. I also told her it did not feel like she was on this planet. We continued to talk about it through tears, we were both overwhelmed. She in fact is very involved in her local community garden and it felt true to her. 

This continued with other clients and I came to realize I was seeing their past lives. 


How is this possible?

This was running through my mind most of the time and I grew with pure excitement for the next vision and experience. I realized this was still affecting them and my interest was piqued. 

I read a lot of books to grow an understanding of what was happening, and why it mattered. I eventually turned my attention to doing past life readings and abandoned Reiki for my mental curiosity. 

Reiki was the energy I needed to open myself up and raise my vibration, that’s how I feel about it. I also feel everything happens for a reason.

Some examples of Past Life Readings that I Remember.

One of the first people to come to me was a woman who woke each night with night terrors, the fear she was dying, but didn’t understand why. I sat with my eyes closed, because at that time I couldn’t see with my eyes open, and I saw her in an Amazon rainforest, standing by the edge of a waterfall. She had dishonoured her tribe and her people, so they were banishing her to her death, where she fell from an extreme height to the depths below. 

She told me after that she was also afraid of heights and drowning. Her ex husband was also South American which I found interesting. 

This client had carried forward the fear she had developed from that experience into this lifetime.


She noted later that waking up with these night terrors dissipated for a while but eventually returned, the experience was buried deep in her psyche and energy and would take time and effort for her to release. 

Establishing a Past Life Reading Practice.

I wanted to read in shops so I started approaching crystal and metaphysical shop owners.

In a town north of me there was a really cute shop with beautiful well priced artifacts from all over the world, which a few are now part of my collection. And the shop owner had asked me to read for her to see if I fit, or was legit. 

I sat in the middle of her shop with her in front of me, my eyes closed, and there I saw her as a Native American man. I could sense tension with a neighboring tribe, they were at war. There were people running in the background, he and another man from his tribe were defending their people. He turned to run in another direction and this is when he was speared in the back,  and there he lay extremely wounded awaiting to be finished. 

She looked up at me wide eyed and said “I have had excruciating back pain that no one can explain for years.” I showed her where I felt the pain in my back and she confirmed that was where she experienced it. She also had a soft spot in her heart for the Native American culture. 

So she had carried forward an injury that she sustained energetically and the interest in a people she once loved, interesting. 

In that shop there was also another young man I read for, whom I saw in battle wearing armour, he was stabbed in the ear with a knife. In this lifetime he has always experienced terrible ear aches. 

This is getting Fascinating! 

I also read in a shop in Calgary, I think back and wonder what people must have thought, I had no idea what I was doing lol, I was just so excited to be part of this, just sitting with my eyes closed and telling people what I saw. 

I sat with a client and saw her being taken from her home and being placed on a slave ship, naked she stood shackled but tall, shoulders back head high, chin out. She was stoic like “you will not take my spirit from me!” kind of look. She said well yes that is who I am.  

I began to learn that we also carry forward attitudes or an essence, we are always who we are and carry that energy throughout our lifetimes. We develop and emerge with each lifetime becoming whole.

The Roles We Play.

We also make pacts with spirits to come back into other lifetimes together, but play different roles. Agreeing to help each other grow we can play a villain, a savior, someone in the background, a parent, a sibling, a partner. 

For instance the brother that acts like his little sister’s dad, very bossy, it is most likely because he was her father in another life. And she didn’t listen then either lol.

Or the father who doesn’t treat his son well and has always expressed jealousy towards him, “I met your mother first”, type of attitude. Isn’t it interesting that they were brothers in a previous life and one went to the concentration camp while the other managed to live. This carried a lot of resentment for the one brother and he carried that forward into this life. 

When you see those dynamics it doesn’t make it ok or right, but it does lend some perspective and allow you to understand why things are the way they are. It may help you approach the situation differently, it may also help you walk away without guilt if it is not getting any better. 

It is a part we agreed to play in each other’s many lives. 

Sometimes We Don’t Forget. 

I was reading for a client for another reason but what did come up was that she was on a homestead by herself with many children in a past life. Tending to the garden, her home and her children alone as her husband was gone a lot working. She was not happy and didn’t have other family to help her. 

She laughed and said maybe that’s why I don’t have children in this life. 

There are so many reasons to visit the past. There are a lot of answers there. 

We carry so much of ourselves through each lifetime. It resides in our energy, as a stored memory of our being.

So if you have unexplained fears, a relationship that has an unusual dynamic, physical pain that no one can explain, a sense of being that doesn’t relate to the family you grew up with, look at your past, the answers may lie there.

If you are interested in learning what Past Life is still affecting you I can help! Click HERE to book a reading! 

A couple of the books I read and would recommend:

The Old Soul’s Guidebook by Ainsley Macleod is very good! 

and Past Lives for Beginners is a great place to start as well. by Douglas De Long

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