When I look back at my life and the manifestations I and my Spirit Team have created it still amazes me.

I know they were Divine creations because with each one people in the experience with me would say “this never happens!” throughout the creation.

The difference between what I have created and the formula highly publicized in the world today is that I did not visualize anything, I didn’t do a vision board, and I didn’t chant affirmations each day.

I simply got clear about what I wanted, the specifics, let my main Angel and Higher Self know what I wanted, and then took action of my own to work towards that goal, however small the steps. Then when inspired action came my way or a door opened in my favour I jumped.

Get to know your Spirit Team, it’s key!

I got to know my close circle, my Spiritual Team, well and I talk with them everyday. I feel very comfortable with my Spiritual Family, so if you haven’t done that, I suggest you do. Who is your Spirit Guide, Your Guardian Angel, is there an Ascended Master you feel close to. Build a relationship with them and mentally speak with them each day.

My First Experience in Manifesting.

The first time I noticed it was possible was when I was testing the theory. I had just finished my Lightarian Reiki Masters and I needed a massage table to practice but I couldn’t afford one.

I went to bed and said to my team this is what I want, this is how much money I have, can you help me get this table if I am meant to move forward with this. The next morning I woke at 6am and grabbed my phone, I felt highly alert which is not common for me in the morning. I opened kijiji and typed in my search and there at the top of the page was a massage table for $50! Try to find one under a couple of hundred dollars, even used back then was impossible.

I went to pick up the table and asked her, why are you selling it so cheap? She said I want to pay it forward. I loaded the table up, said my thanks, and drove down the street where I saw a sign “be an angel” at the end of the block.

Timing is everything, trust it!

I had to learn that manifestations also happen when the time is right. I tried to separate from my toxic ex years before I actually did but was met with blocks at every turn. I gave up, got depressed and felt hopeless. This was before I believed in any of this, and I started to see signs, weird in your face signs that had me confused. I started inquiring and discovered spirituality. I began to work on myself and deep dived into my soul.

Then without provocation my intention started to take its own momentum. I was pushed into separation by having others connect me with the right people and met with every legal person during my separation telling me “this never happens!” as I flowed through the system. Also my lawyers office had an angel on the door next to it. I had to trust and surrender during the scariest time of my life, with two kids at home.

What Manifestations can be.

I have manifest the perfect job, money, my house during a recession, (houses were inflated and I got it for asking, much cheaper than similar properties), my relationships growing out of turmoil (teenagers), a car, the list goes on.

I feel we all have this ability, it is our right!

Get clear and focused on how you want to feel to know what you want!

We just need to know what we want, and work on any resistance behind it. Be clear with our spiritual team and when inspired action happens, take it! Take initiative, but when that push comes that seems to come out of nowhere do it! Your team is working hard on arranging things for you. They are also paying attention to what steps you are taking and how much you really want it.

Let go and surrender to the process.

The hardest part for me still is letting go and trusting the process, seems ridiculous really, but fear is a powerful feeling that can easily take over when things are in a crunch. I had to also realize that not everything happens when you want it to.

It may be the timing of aligning you with the right people, you may need skills to develop to get you there, it may be spirit protecting you from what could happen should you act now. Whatever the reason trust it will happen when the time is right, and be open for what you asked for, or even better.

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