How Can My Readings Help You?

How Can My Readings Help You?

What Can I Do For You?

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of what that looks like, now that being said every reading is different and the things that come up vary as do the things I address based on that, but I will walk you through the overall process. 

Also before I begin I will explain that I used to write by hand but found I couldn’t keep up with what was coming through, so I am a new age automatic writer lol, on the computer. I’ll fix typos after, but my fingers can keep up faster than with the pen. 

The style of readings I do are based around self reflection and awareness, no matter what you come to me with, it always comes back to the one factor you have control over, you

I don’t predict, give legal counsel, or diagnose, and I do not replace proper counselling. 

I do give my impressions, whatever that may be. 

How I Start a Psychic Reading.

At first I look at your name and the question you provided, then write it down on a piece of paper beside me. I ask my team if they are ready; my Personal Guide for my support, an ArchAngel I like to work with for protection and my Psychic Guide who gives me the thumbs up or tells me to dig deeper. 

We all give each other the ok and then I look at your name while thinking of your question over and again in my mind. 

My fingers hover in wait on the keyboard waiting to see, feel or hear something, any type of guidance or insight. 

As soon as something comes I will start typing and it usually will be an ongoing inner voice, combined with seeing and feeling. I will just type until it stops, then I will look at my Psychic Guide in my mind and ask mentally “well?” meaning am I on the right track? She will give me a thumbs up, she has never spoken to me, or she will motion to dig deeper in this specific area. 

My own Personal Guide and ArchAngel will mentally talk to me, but my Psychic Guide is there for support and I guess she doesn’t want to interfere, so she doesn’t speak. 

How and What Am I Receiving?

I’ll type out my initial impression of your energetic state. I truly feel like your spirit and my spirit are having a little conversation and I am transcribing it for you. 

I will hear in my mind a running conversation, I will feel it emotionally or in my body, and I will see either a real life event representing the situation or a symbol for example: a body of water, this always tells me the emotions are vast and deep. Water being the emotion. 

I have seen occurrences that did happen the way I saw it in this life time. I thought it was a past life but she said that happened in this life when she was a child, this is actually when I discovered I could see for today as I used to only giving past life readings, that’s how I started in shops doing this. That shook both of us a little.

What Do Past Lives Have To Do With Anything?

I’ll ask what is at the root of what’s going on with you or the situation, are there any past life connections or energy repeating itself here? You would be surprised how this energy carries forward into your life now, and sometimes just recognizing it and stating to yourself “that was then, this is now,” is enough to change it, this world runs on intention anyways. It may be something you have to repeat to yourself but you will eventually distance yourself from it.

I am not good with timelines, but I see what they are wearing, the structures around them, and get a sense of the time but more importantly I feel how you felt then and you will most likely recognize that still!  

An example of time: I had read for someone who wanted to know why she felt such a close bond with her dog, he seemed to always be protecting her. She was sick at the time and has since passed from cancer. They were in a past life together and I had seen this dog ward off a bear to protect her, but I also knew it was set in England. I didn’t think they had bears, and they don’t, so this gave me a good sense of when it wasn’t because they haven’t had bears since the 11th century. I believe he came back to see her home. 

Pastlives often carry forward feelings that we had at that time, especially when you experienced trauma. For example a reading I had done was with someone whose past life she spent on the streets as a homeless boy, his parents abandoned him. He of course felt fear most of the time, hunger, and was taken advantage of by men. She replied that she was afraid of not having enough even though her family was doing well and did in fact have trust issues with men but had not experienced anything in this life to warrant that. I always feel the temptation to look at a past life when you have a fear that doesn’t seem logical. 

How Are You Showing Up in The World?

After looking at these connections I’ll look at how you are thinking and feeling about the matters you’re asking about, which affect how you are showing up, and what you are telling the world. What is really at the heart of this? I basically work through your chakra system. 

When I come to a point that I need a nudge I will pull out cards that I designed and had printed. They have illustrations and a word that will push me in a direction, for instance if I pull a card that says “ignore” I will ask what does this person need to ignore or are they ignoring something they need to pay attention to, and then I wait for the flow again. 

Then ultimately it comes down to the guidance given, what does your spirit suggest? I will also look to see if there is a Spirit Animal wishing to share their medicine with you, which is in the form of guidance as well. It’s a good idea to study this animal and learn from how they live and operate in the world. This is their medicine to you and offers a lot of wisdom for you to learn from. 

This is a surface view of what is involved in a reading I do for you, it obviously goes deeper into each area, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what I offer and if it suits you. 

I also want to make clear I don’t read people without their permission, so looking in on how someone else feels or thinks is not something I like to do. Feels like spying. 

I would love to be able to sit with people again. I used to read in shops around Calgary, but I get such clarity with automatic writing and I’m afraid you would be very bored while I type. 

Where Does Your Power Reside?

The greatest empowerment we have is in self reflection, knowing how we are showing up for ourselves and to the world. How to best serve yourself and your needs. When you feel taken care of you show the world your boundaries, and that you won’t accept less. You also have a different perspective and are not as triggered.

Spiritual guidance also gives clarity especially when you are focusing in the wrong area of a concern. It can be really frustrating when you spend so much time healing an area of your life but still feel like crap. You obviously want to know why, because you’ll start internalizing it and calling yourself the problem. 

I had read for someone who had spent a lifetime working to heal the trauma inflicted by one person in her life, but when I did her reading this person did not come up at all, which surprised her. She was so focused on this person that she never paid attention to the person that let it happen, and that was where she needed to focus her healing now. 

We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole and that is what I can help with, giving you insight where you may be too close to the situation to see clearly. 

So if I can do that for you I would be honored. It is a collective healing when one person heals we all get a little bit of healing, something we all deserve. 

If you are interested in learning more about what is holding you back, I can help! Click HERE to book a reading! 

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