First, a big thank you!

Thank you for choosing my intuitive services to empower your journey forward, we can’t be aware of all factors hindering our growth as life leaves us with a lot on our plates.

Sometimes a little help from our spirit is all that we need. In this process my soul connects with yours to look beneath the surface of your fears and guide you forward, bringing awareness to your everyday life.

I hope you feel that you have received some insight today and may your journey today and always be blessed!

Aspects of your reading:

When learning about your Totem and or Chakra Type you may find that you only identify with some of the aspects and that’s ok, because you carry their energy you will manifest different aspects of them at different times of your life, at different ages and stages. 

(you can learn more about them with the books from the reference section)

Just like an astrological sign you cannot be everything all at once, but understanding how you tend to operate helps you know what is best for you in making decisions to empower your life moving forward. You may also learn some new methods that support you!

With your reading, when something doesn’t make sense or connect with you, for one I may have gotten in the way of translation, it happens I am human.

But I urge you, before you dismiss it, to sit with it, write down what you don’t connect with and ask for guidance concerning this. Ask trusted friends and family what they think, people who will give you an honest answer. 

We are not as self aware as we think sometimes. For example I gave a reading where the person needed to let go and trust more, she was someone who likes to control her environment and keep things very structured and organized according to her reading.

She very much disagreed, as she stated so in a followup email, this was the main point of the reading and also the main thing that bothered her the most. 

A couple of weeks later I received another message that she was at work and someone had pointed out how they admired how organized and dependable she was.

This took her by surprise because she did not see herself that way, she saw herself as a free spirit, although a very capable one. She sat back and took stock of her work and how she handles her career and daily activities and everything was colour coded, filed in a certain way, very much controlled and categorized.

This opened her up to the rest of her life and she realized that she had quite a firm grip on things, afraid if she didn’t it would all fall apart. There was not a balance of trust and structure because she honestly was not sitting in a place of trust.

Yes we must be an active participant in our lives, taking inspired action and doing the work, but being in such control all of the time leaves no room for your spirit to inspire, lead and manifest wonderful things into your life in this act of co-creation.

There can be a sense of trust and flexibility that things may not look how “you planned” which it usually doesn’t. We can’t always see the bigger picture our spirit can. So when that inspiration to take action happens you thank your coworker, your spirit, and get to work in whatever fashion that looks like, no matter how big or small the task.

So I am not saying that my translation must always be right, but it may be that you need to sit with it for a minute. This may be your ah ha moment. 

Totem Animal

A Totem Animal is an animal that has chosen you at birth, and stays with you for a lifetime according to Native American traditions, and as you grow, your totem grows with you. You may even have more than one Totem and they may enter at different times to become a part of your awareness. They are a reflection of your strengths and challenges, understanding your totem can help you understand yourself and how you operate. Your Totem will help guide and protect you, so it’s a relationship you would benefit from establishing. Meditation, inner conversations, asking for help, and learning all about your Totem and this animal helps to establish a bond and provide the teachings they have to offer. 

Spirit Animal Guide

These Spirit Guides stay with you temporarily, they help you during a time in your life of growth and change.  Learning about the Spirit Guide trying to help you is part of its medicine, how does it operate, would you benefit by acting the same at this time. Meditate with your guide and ask questions to receive valuable insight, ask for their help and stay aware of what is happening around you, when you are inspired with action get to work. Inspired action flows, there will always be challenges as they help you to become a stronger individual, but when it’s not meant for you there will be unreasonable challenges. These challenges you can avoid if you take guidance well from your guides.

Past Lives

This is a concept believed across several traditions, that our soul experiences many lives. In these lives there may have been trauma and this energy can be carried forward. Unexplained fears and inhibitions can be linked to these lives, as well as behavioural patterns that you have carried forward. When someone faces a past life the knowledge of where the inhibition originated can break the energy signature that was carried forward. This experience is not happening today and simply acknowledging that can help your spirit feel safe and no longer need to react in the same manner. 

For instance I was reading for someone who would wake each night from the fear of death, night terrors. She did not know why this was happening, nothing had happened in this life to warrant that behaviour.

I asked about her past life and saw her in the Amazon with her tribe whom she had dishonoured. They had taken her to a waterfall where she ultimately met her death. She didn’t mention she was also terrified of drowning and her ex-husband was south American oddly enough.

When you learn of a past life you don’t remember it as a memory but a feeling of truth, and this can help your body realize this is a different time and not to be afraid anymore.


Chakras are the energy centers of the body and there are seven main chakras most acknowledged. Your Chakras are a wealth of information, telling you where and what may be happening within you.

Their disruption gives you power because in that knowledge you will find a place of action, and you are empowered with more insight as to your plans moving forward.

These descriptions are just skimming the surface, but this is the context in which I address chakras in my readings, I may include your Chakra Type, when inspired, as we are all run by a dominant chakra.  

The Root is the chakra at the base of your spine and represents survival, the foundation of your life and being, and the basis for all of your decisions. 

The Sacral Chakra is two inches below your belly button and represents pleasure, your emotional well being, and how you feel. 

The Solar Chakra is in the upper stomach area and is the basis of your will, your drive, how you’re thinking about things and self confidence. 

The Heart Chakra is at the center of your chest and where the truth lies, the place of honest love, peace and joy.

The Throat Chakra, in your throat, is how you express yourself, your truth and ability to communicate.

Your Third Eye is your inner sight, located between the eyes, it is your compass, and your wisdom should you choose to listen.

The Crown is at the top of your head and your connection to God, the Divine, or something greater than yourself. It is all things connected, all things beautiful, it is both love and light. 

Again thank you! And should you wish to share your experience and pass on my contact information with your friends and family I would be most grateful. 

Blessings Terra.