Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion.

This is a bone of contention for a lot of people because most often we would love to live our passions but struggle to find out what that is. I spent many years frustrated with this, because I depended on the outcome so much? 


I feel this is a multi layer process now looking back, because I can see how it all plays out exactly as it should, but at the time I was frustrated and heart broken. And still find myself there when things aren’t working out as I want them to. 


We all want to live our purpose, feeling there is more for us here on this big floating ball in space. We want to make the most of our time here. But doing what!? We scream from the rooftops. 


Take stock of your achievements and failures. 


I have done so many things in my life, and looking back I know they all contributed to who I am now, my perspective was broadened because of it. 


I spent most of my life dabbling in the arts, but I have done other things too trying to make my life work and make sense.


I made and sold jewelry and kits at fairs, made leather dog collars and sold them in local pet food stores. Digital Painting, and acrylic paintings which I sold around Alberta, I was the first original painter at the Calgary Zoo. I love to write, I’ve sold photography, Illustrated a children’s book. I owned a new home cleaning business and signed a contract with Elite Homes. I was a practicing Reiki Practitioner, a psychic card reader in shops around Calgary, and I went back to college at the age of 44 and graduated top of my class for Community Support Work. 


Am I telling you all of these things to toot my own horn, maybe, lol. Actually I am pointing these things out because I was insecure, doubted myself daily, yet I still taught myself how to do all of these things, most before the internet. And I have come to realize when I feel like I can’t do something, the “who am I” garbage,  I look back and realize I can do a lot of things when I put my mind to it. 


Feeling defeated when things don’t turn out as you envisioned,  heck ya! 


I thought I would be a painter for life, but those wings were clipped due to a bad situation. I held resentment for that for a long time, but if I had not stopped painting I wouldn’t have found this! 


What does this have to do with finding your purpose?


Well finding your purpose involves a lot of play, a lot of curiosity and experimentation. Sometimes it takes pain to push you in the right direction. I personally found my spirituality after years of trauma and I was on my own healing journey. 


Your Soul Knows


I needed to heal and my journey of self awareness started because of that. I took Angelic Healing, got my Lightarian Reiki Masters, took Journeying, The Medicine Wheel, Crystal Healing, Card Reading, Mediumship, you name it I was there. 


And you know what happened?


I found myself. I found myself through curiosity, and doing what I was pulled to do. 


And everything that I have done, every course I have taken has shown me I can do things, even as an introvert with not a lot of self confidence, that will always be a work in progress. 


When in doubt reflect! 


I did some crazy stuff trying to push my agenda, I sold paintings all over Alberta, walking right into galleries and shops to introduce myself. I approached the Calgary Zoo when at that time they didn’t even sell original art. 


I won an art show in London England for crying out loud lol, that’s actually a funny story! Before the internet….yup before we had access to the world, I didn’t know if my paintings were any good. So I saw a competition advertised for London and I thought well that’s far enough away! no one will know me and no one here will know about it, so I entered and holy crap I won best beginner! They wanted me to go there!!


Ok, so enough patting myself on the back, the point I am trying to make is just try, it may not be the answer but it will contribute to the journey, and you may surprise yourself! Because you are always learning and growing with everything that you do! But you won’t know if you don’t try.


It all comes together to contribute to the whole regardless.


As a Psychic who does readings as an automatic writer, see how that played out, no me either lol. I am using a lot of tools that I trained for in my readings, I use those tools, not knowing at the time how they would all come together in the end. 


My connections to Spirit Animals through journeying and the Medicine Wheel, Reiki taught me energy and how to read chakras, going to development classes for mediumship taught me how to see. Card reading taught me the structure of a reading, art taught me to play and see where it goes. Owning a business taught me sometimes it takes grit, and sweat just like hustling my art all over town. 


Everything you do is not for nothing


These things made me who I am. And when I doubt myself I look back and say shut your mouth, you’ve done some stuff, don’t be so hard on you. And it sounds like that in my head… 


Finding your passion is not always done through stress and tears, it can also be done through play, imagination, and fun! Exploring your interests. 


How do you know what is for you?


When you are ready to stop, and get off the train of exploration, because you have found something that when you don’t do it you are grumpy as hell. 


Basically what would you do for free? You love it so much! 


I get so excited helping others, when they respond with excitement and a new perspective it fills my soul and that is how I found my passion. 


It was a messy trainwreck driving all over the countryside. It was not a straight line at all. But it all came together in the end and I’m still on a journey to who knows where.


Listen to your gut!


Your soul knows why you came here and is nudging you through your instincts, gut feelings, interests. Follow them. Not with an I have to make this work attitude but this interests me or makes me happy kind of attitude. 


And if you think that you can’t make it a business because no one will want it, you’re wrong. We often assume everyone can do what we can, maybe they can but they don’t have the motivation to, and they don’t have your personality behind it, your personal touch.


A lot of people are more than happy to let someone do it for them. Don’t forget there are professional cuddlers in the world, there is always room for what you want to do!


Create a path or find one, either is fine.


There are always opportunities, sometimes you have to find them and sometimes you have to create them. You may have to think outside of the box or look at someone you admire and follow their footsteps. There is no one answer for everyone’s journey.


Sometimes you make a solid plan and sometimes that falls apart. But maybe it fell apart to make room for something better! 


So the summary of this long winded look back at my journey and yours, play and then play again. It will come to you when you realize you get super excited doing something and feel it in your gut, this is it! And maybe it isn’t “it” but it will lead somewhere.


And when you doubt yourself make a list of the things you have done, they are not failures, they are successes because they helped you grow and learn. They made you who you are today. 


And finally, don’t rush it, you are not running a race. You can continue in the next life time, you most likely are continuing from the last. 

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