Chakras and the Books that inspired me

Chakras and the Books that inspired me.

 I am not a Chakra aficionado by any means, but Chakras really helped me understand people and most definitely helped me shape my readings, so if you have an interest in understanding yourself and other people, our needs and what affects us, this may be an article worth reading. 

How I got into Chakras:

I first discovered Chakras when practicing and learning Reiki, I found that I could see these colors within their body but wasn’t quite sure what that meant and at that time I was not as in tune with receiving guidance. 

This is the granddaddy of books!

I happened to come across the book Eastern Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self, By Anodea Judith, a very in depth look at the Chakra system and how our life events reflect in our energy centers. 

Quote of the description;

“Each chapter focuses on a single chakra, starting with a description of its characteristics, then exploring its particular childhood developmental patterns, traumas and abuses, and how to heal and maintain balance.”

It is a “deep dive” into chakras and honestly at that time, my squirrel brain was not into learning about chakras this deeply to consume the entirety of this book, but I used it as a reference to learn the basics, and what they meant.

If you are interested in learning an in depth view about Chakras this is a really great book, it covers absolutely everything you can think of in regards to how life affects your chakra system, energy centers, and our life, this is probably the only book you will ever need. 

I learned to recognize what I was seeing from reading excerpts of this book, when the chakras  were overworked, ignored or depleted and what that may mean for someone. It really helped me in my Reiki Practice. 

We store so much in our energy centres; our trauma, our beliefs, our ideologies and we really don’t recognize how that reflects on our system and our physical body.

How I shaped the structure of my readings.

Now I am not a Chakra expert, my attention span is short, but I recognize the importance of how energy centers fuel our being. 

So when I found a book that was much more to the point, and brief, I was super excited!

Chakras: Using the Chakras for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being (A Start Here Guide) (A Start Here Guide for Beginners) by Tori Hartman

I love this book!! It is the best thing I have read about Chakras! It is rooted in a very grounded and simple theory that makes sense to me and resonates with how I view life.

This book will show you how one chakra affects the next, how everything is interrelated, but it really gave me a very grounded view of each chakra’s personality. 

I resonate mostly with emotions, beliefs and thoughts, that is what my readings are based around. This book on Chakras helped me connect and relate to chakras in a different way, what each center inspires, and this is how I view and experience chakras now. 

It helped me structure my readings and how I cover each area to get a full reading, but it also helped me when I began to recognize Chakra Personalities.

Chakra Personalities and why they matter.

I had also stumbled across Chakra personalities and it was hard to unsee, and I wish I could remember where I learned about them and direct you there because it is fascinating! I suggested you learn about them because it is bang on. 

We are each dominated by a certain chakra’s energy, I am a root chakra for instance. I really need structure and to feel grounded, I tend to be practical and need a sense of security. Which oddly enough are the attributes of my main Totem Animal!

Much like our Astrological Sign and Totem Animals, Chakra Personalities help us understand ourselves and each other. The traits we already have and ones we can develop that would benefit us. 

What is my Chakra Personality?

When you find a book that interests you on the topic or more importantly resonates with you I’m sure they will show you how to find out your Chakra Personality. I tend to see them, just like I do people’s Totems, and it really helps me with understanding people and why they behave the way they do unconsciously. 

It helps me in my readings but also in my day to day life. I personally find Solar Chakra people can be challenging, but they are also very driven, they get the job done, they live in their mind and think everything through, mostly. They love to learn and are obsessed with having all of the facts, they love knowledge. A lot of Solar people run the world because of this.

 Of course every Chakra personality is different and not so black and white, just like any modality we use to define ourselves, we are affected by our experiences. 

One solar chakra person may run a fortune 500 company and another finding themselves frustrated with a job because they are not tapping into their strengths to lead because of past trauma that makes them feel they are not worthy of such a challenge. Or maybe they are influenced by another chakra that brings out their passive side, a Solar/Heart personality. This can happen just like we have more than one Totem Animal, and when we have more than one dominant chakra, especially when they are opposites, it can feel like our life is a push and pull experience. 

How does this affect me?

It’s important to understand ourselves and how to work with the energies that govern us. It can alleviate stress and confusion and explain why we feel the way we do, that we aren’t out of our mind, we just need to honor different parts of ourselves in different ways. 

I encourage you to explore, find out what governs you, understand other people are complicated too, and that they are doing their best to understand themselves better as well. 

If you are interested in learning what Chakras need your attention or what your Chakra Personality is,  I can help! Click HERE to book a reading! 

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