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Terra Intuitively

Spiritual Guidance to Empower Your Journey
About me

My desire is to help people know that they are Valuable & Powerful

My intent is to help you through self awareness, because the only real power we have is over ourselves. Whether it is your part in a relationship, situation, or decision, how you are showing up matters. Your beliefs, thoughts and feelings are subconsciously directing your intent and it’s best that you are aware of the influence you have in that space. 

Joy is an amazing feeling
Knowledge is power

We can reshape our perceptions of self and step up to take the lead in our journey, instead of being led.


Email Readings are a convenient way to receive guidance from anywhere in the world, having it on hand to reflect as your personal directive, and not trying to remember what was said.

We are not meant to be Perfect, we are meant to be Whole.

Make a Difference in your life

This is your Journey, how do you want to Live it?